Star Citizen Referral Code


If you ever decide to register for a Star Citizen account please consider using my referral code STAR-4WY3-QHSS to get free 5'000 UEC [United Earth Credits] in-game!

By using my code you support me for the price of copying a code (the code is already pre-filled with the link above) and you get yourself those free UEC - I'd say it's a win-win situation :)

I even might consider drawing a winner of a free ship out of all my recruits who purchased the game. More information is on it's way so stay tuned!

For the latest news on this topic check the info-box on my Steam-Profile!




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This website is almost completely useless and probably hurts your eyes to look at in it's current state...

It seems like I'm either just too lazy to get anything set up or I'm busy all the time. Sorry about that!












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