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Star Citizen Referral Code

If you ever decide to register for a Star Citizen account please consider using my referral code STAR-4WY3-QHSS to get free 5'000 UEC [United Earth Credits] in-game!
By using my code you support me for the price of copying a code (the code is already pre-filled with the link above) and you get yourself those free UEC - I'd say it's a win-win situation :)
I even might consider drawing a winner of a free ship out of all my recruits who purchased the game. More information is on it's way so stay tuned!

The Divsion 2 Referral

If you decide to get yourself the Division 2 (and maybe don't have anyone to play with) feel free to use my referral-link and text me on Steam if you need a partner!
You may also use above link if you bought the game during the last 7 days and did not play yet! You'll get yourself a fancy LMG, 3 Cases and XP-Boost while playing with me!
Thanks for supporting me! :)

Rainbox Six Extraction Referral

If you're about to delve into the Chimera infested remains of our once civilised world please consider using my referral-link to get a Static Noise Charm, help me earn a fancy outfit and have someone to blast those ugly aliens with :)

About my website

It seems like I'm either just too lazy to get anything set up or I'm busy all the time. Sorry about that!

Star Citizen Referral Code: STAR-4WY3-QHSS

Star Citizen Referral Code (click the image)